An Update on my progress

Well so far for the month of February 2007, I have managed to log 65.09 miles walking/running and jogging … 75% of it on a Manual Treamill at a 5% incline

Also from February 4th to 10th 2007 I was able to take a…
TOTAL Steps = 67,966
TOTAL Acrobatic Steps = 621,124
TOTAL Acrobatic Steps for = 231 minutes
TOTAL Calories Burned = 4,474.954
TOTAL Miles Walked = 37.90 = 61km
TOTAL Calories Consumed = 12,927
TOTAL Carbs = 1,956
TOTAL Fat = 385
TOTAL Protein = 557
TOTAL Water = 600 oz

So all in all fair well for the month as it currently stands .. though no weight loss as yet, but hay not expecting it, at least not the way my record has been the past 6 months that is.

Can’t say inches have been lost last week since I only hit the tape measure once or twice a month depending on how itchy i feel to see if inches have been loss (no interest as yet, can wait).

One thing is for sure, a pair of jeans I’ve not been able to get into since high school I can not get into, can’t site down in them but I sure can walk around or run in them without trouble! and the kicker is I’m heaver then I was back then . .chuckles

Well hope everyone had a good weekend, take care



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