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Well I know the site YouTube is not new to many people, but hay what can I say it took me a while to get around to going to it and seeing what its about .. and ya I did create an account, though nothing doing with it just yet .. still need to get a cam .. lol though I do have a few music slide shows that I’ve created over a past 10 years that I might upload, we’ll see.

Some of the videos that are on that site so f ar I have found interesting to watch .. one that caught my attention in the first place was one entitled “Calling all Angels” its american based in regards to the war and bush, but i like the music and the imagery is good as well, it works with the lyrics to various degrees.

And for other fans who like queen, chuckles there appears to be a section of the site which has Queen music vids added, as well as music tha tpeople have put their own deal to, which i’m finding fun to watch, now if i can just find one for Peter Gabriel i’m all set .. lol

Well my star trek slide shows will go well on the site … lol since there does appear to be a few others as well .. some 700+ at the moment it does appear .. which is cool, gives me an idea to add mine to the mix and see what people have to say about it.

K i have to say by far this my fav ST vid on the site so far … lol .. k the other out takes are also a close deal … k am spending to much time watching stuff on this site … aaahhhhhhh

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