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Boney M – Happy Song (1984)

Well many people might not like this group, but I happen to enjoy it to various degrees, this also happens to be one of the few songs of theirs that I like to listen to when possible, which isn’t often. I think the music video is interesting way of viewing the song, works fair well I do feel and think.

Sarah Brightman -Scarborough Fair

Sarah Brightman is one of my fav female singers of all time, next to Laura Brannigan that is, but they again they are of different classes of singers to start with, so there really is no comperason to be had between the two of them.

At any rate, I have been a fan of Sarah Brightmans ever since I saw her in person at a concert, and loved her in Phantom of the Opera (saw her twice in that role). Sighs, there is just something about her voice that is hard to not listen to, as in it just catches me.