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Boney M – Happy Song (1984)

Well many people might not like this group, but I happen to enjoy it to various degrees, this also happens to be one of the few songs of theirs that I like to listen to when possible, which isn’t often.…

Aqua – Dr Jones

Yet another song that I tend to jog or run to while oh the treadmill, there is just something about the beat that makes it a good song to run or jog to for me.

Sarah Brightman -Scarborough Fair

Sarah Brightman is one of my fav female singers of all time, next to Laura Brannigan that is, but they again they are of different classes of singers to start with, so there really is no comperason to be had…

Harem By Sarah Brightman

Believe it or not, but from her HAREM CD this is the main song that actauly gets me jogging on the Treadmill, there is just something about the beat which catches me and keeps me going for the whole song!