Well I have work, I am the head layout artist for a small community newspaper – its a bi weekly news paper, thus its a little less then a part time job type deal, about 30 hours every other week type deal it still leaves me open time to get … Continue reading

Work Would Be Nice

Well it does appear that yesterday’s no work will be the same for today. I haven’t got a clue why this is the case, but its starting to really miff the hell out of me. I am not pleased with how the work placement is going at the moment, I … Continue reading

Work can be fun

Well have been at work today, and its been interesting saving out the images that i have been working on. Tomorrow more fun, putting saved work into different scenes within a vitural world. Today have been a little bit – bla rendering out each charature in different positions, but its … Continue reading

Tomorrow, Work

Well just got a call in from one of the temp agencies who had found me, and well got a call from one of their clients today about a particle set of skills I have, using some obsurce programs that it appears very few people have, use, or even post … Continue reading

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