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Walking Journal for July 23rd to 29th 2006

Well its good on the walking deal, and to a degree cardio outside of the walking – burned fair amount all told, which is good – even the deficit is good, yet still not weight loss, and no more inches as of this point either.

Walking for Saturday ,July 29th 2006
Steps = 7053
Acrobatic Steps = 2086
Acrobatic Steps for = 20 minutes
Calories Burned = 386.27
km Walked = 3.66 = 2.27 miles
Calories Consumed = 2,365

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Walking Journal for July 16th to 22nd 2006

Well didn’t hit my 3,000 calories burned goal, missed it by 28.61 calories. if I had just walked for another 30 minutes I’d have had it – oh well tomorrows the start of a new week so there is always next week to get that 3,000 calories burned goal.

Saturday ,July 22nd 2006
Steps = 9766
Acrobatic Steps = 6555
Acrobatic Steps for = 64 minutes
Calories Burned = 524.3
km Walked = 5.07 = 3.15 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,961

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Walking Journal for July 9th to 15th 2006

Well make it over my 3,000 cal goal of cals burned for the week, but not by much which is alright at least I made the goal to start with. No weight change nor any change in my measurements since last time.

Walking For July 9th, 2006
Steps = 7724
Acrobatic Steps = 5066
Acrobatic Steps for = 50 minutes
Calories Burned = 401.25
km Walked = 4.01 = 2.49 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,608

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Walking Journal for July 2nd to 8th 2006

Well i might not have lost weight last week, but I did manage to shead a few inches in areas – which is good in and of itself, it means I did really louse weight, but gained muscle at the same time.

Saturday ,July 8th 2006
Steps = 6742
Acrobatic Steps = 0
Acrobatic Steps for = 0 minutes
Calories Burned = 508.43
km Walked = 3.50 = 2.17 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,696

Friday ,July 7th 2006 – mom’s birthday
Steps = 8159
Acrobatic Steps = 3571
Acrobatic Steps for = 36 minutes
Calories Burned = 439.77
km Walked = 4.24 = 2.63 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,334

Thursday ,July 6th 2006 – mom’s birthday
Steps = 7810
Acrobatic Steps = 3545
Acrobatic Steps for = 34 minutes
Calories Burned = 413.02
km Walked = 4.06 = 2.52 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,849

Wednesday ,July 5th 2006
Steps = 9678
Acrobatic Steps = 3096
Acrobatic Steps for = 31 minutes
Calories Burned = 500.76
km Walked = 5.03 = 3.12 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,812

Tuesday ,July 4th 2006
Steps = 7659
Acrobatic Steps = 3711
Acrobatic Steps for = 38 minutes
Calories Burned = 400.18
km Walked = 3.98 = 2.47 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,757

Monday ,July 3rd 2006
Steps = 7608
Acrobatic Steps = 1485
Acrobatic Steps for = 15 minutes
Calories Burned = 359.52
km Walked = 3.95 = 2.45 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,634

Sunday, July 2nd 2006
Steps = 6046
Acrobatic Steps = 1965
Acrobatic Steps for = 18 minutes
Calories Burned = 338.12
km Walked = 3.14 = 1.95 miles
Calories Consumed = 1,908

July 2nd to 8th 2006
Total Steps = 53,702
Total Acrobatic Steps = 23,496
Total Acrobatic Steps for = 172 minutes
Total Calories Burned = 2,824.8
Total km Walked = 27.9 = 17.33 miles
Total Calories Consumed = 12,129
Week Deficit = 5,215.8
BMR = 2055 (no weight loss)

New Measurements as of July 9th 2006
Weight – 290, from 288
Waist – 49.5 from 50.5 (May 2006 = 55 inches)
Hips – 60 from 61 (May 2006 = 62 inches)
Neck – 15.5 (no change) (May 2006 = 16 inches)
Chest – 46 from 47 (May 2006 = 50 inches)
Full Bust – 59 from 60
Left Calf – 21 from 20.5
Right Calf – 21.5 (no change)
Left Thy – 30.5 (no change)
Right Thy – 29 from 28.5
Left Biceps – 15 from 16
Right Biceps – 16.5 (no change)

Walking Journal for June 25th to July 1st 2006

Well I didn’t make it to 3,500 calories burned last week – but then again I’m still getting over what ever it was that hit me two weeks ago (sighs I hate it when things take me out for long period of time).

Got a new set of scales and tried to return them only to be told that they are apparently telling me the truth – if that is the case the scales i was using really where out of whack big time, because the new scales have me up at 286 pounds, that 12 pounds up from where I thought I was at.

Was not pleased to hear that news – will have it confirmed Wednesday when i am at the doc’s office, and I hope to the lady that their scales show me lighter then the new scales because if the new scales are right I’m really pissed because I’ve been working out and eating right and by rights should have lost weight – yes I have lost 5 inches last month from my chest, nothing from my waist, hips bust or neck.

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Walking Journal for June 18th to 24th 2006

Well I might not have gotten 3,500 calories burned off as I had hoped for this past week, but from what the deficit does show I by rights should have lost a single pound at least.

Didn’t do much on the manual treadmill this past week, wasn’t able to get the breathing up enough to be able to do it, am hoping this week will prove easer to do, but like everything time will tell.

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Walking Journal for June 11th to 17th 2006

Sighs was not able to really hit the calorie goals each day save for maybe two days last week – not good, but for the weeks numbers they do make it in on the weekly scale so its not all that bad, just could have dun better then I did, I do feel – especially since I burned well over 4,000 calories last week it does appear.

On well this is another week so time will tell how it does go, but at the moment am fighting a cold, so I might not even be able to hit 3,500 calories burned this week but I’ll just have to see. One thing is for sure, I am so not sure I can hit the new calorie goal of 1910 to 2260 calories in a day, but like everything time will tell what does happen.

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Walking Journal for June 4th to 10th 2006

Well I did manage to hit over 3,500 calories burned this week, actaully went over and hit 3,948.48 calories burned – thus I should have at least lost a single pound (i better have – will know tomorrow when I weight and measure in).

Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to get close to the entry level of calories eaten, thus that might have hindered my ability to louse weight (I hope not, but it might have, will just have to wait and see).

Walking for June 10th, 2006
Steps = 12304
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Walking Journal for June 1st to 7th 2006

Well I’m starting to walk more it does appear – though I still need to up my walking time. Last week walking was an average of 7,507 steps a day for an average of 427 calories burned a day, which still doesn’t give me a min of 3,500 cals burned for last week, but I am slowly getting there it does appear.

Walking For June 1st, 2006
Steps = 10700
Acrobatic Steps = 5364
Acrobatic Steps for = 54 minutes
Steps Per Minute = 99.3
Calories Burned = 585.29
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Weeks worth of Steps taken (7 days)

Well it is interesting to see how much i might very well really be burning when it comes to walking – as aposed to how many the site I am on says I should be burning, now my vote is for the counter I have being more accurate towards how much I’m burning.

So it all means I need to up my walking time to a min of 7000 steps a day to get a min of 350cals burned, which still doesn’t give me a min of 3,500 cals burned a week – so that would mean I need to walk over 10,000 steps a day and burn a min of 500 cals a day to reach 3,500 cals burened a week to see proper weight loss – at least in theory.

Oh well I will get there, now that I have a far better idea of what I need to do to get there.

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