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Walking Journal for June 24th to 30th 2007

No more weight loss at this point in time, and no idea about measurements, will know next week since its the start of the month if any more inches have been lost or gained.

Sunday June 24th 2007
Steps = 8168
Acrobatic Steps = 3728
Acrobatic Steps For = 38 min
Calories Burned = 424.79
Miles Walked = 4.6
Calories Consumed = 1954
Carbs = 255
Fats = 70
Protein = 84
Water = 107 oz
Deficit = 513.99

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Walking Journal for June 17th to 23rd 2007

Well am down 1.8 pounds since last week so that puts me at 278.2 pounds at the moment, which is very nice to see finally on the scales (going in the right direction it does seem for once).

Sunday June 17th 2007
Steps = 10510
Acrobatic Steps = 0
Acrobatic Steps For = 0 min
Calories Burned = 517.83
Miles Walked = 6.67
Calories Consumed = 1712
Carbs = 215
Fats = 53
Protein = 78
Water = 99 oz
Deficit = 856.086

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Walking Journal for June 10th to 16th 2007

Well no weight loss still, a few inches gained and loss, but that just means I’ve gained more muscle .. which does mean fats been loss, its just not showing up cause its been converted into muscle once again.

Sunday June 10th 2007
Steps = 10396
Acrobatic Steps = 2822
Acrobatic Steps For = 26 min
Calories Burned = 594.92
Miles Walked = 5.61
Calories Consumed = 2452
Carbs = 341
Fats = 76
Protein = 94
Water = 84 oz
Deficit = 193.176

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Walking Journal for June 25th to July 1st 2006

Well I didn’t make it to 3,500 calories burned last week – but then again I’m still getting over what ever it was that hit me two weeks ago (sighs I hate it when things take me out for long period of time).

Got a new set of scales and tried to return them only to be told that they are apparently telling me the truth – if that is the case the scales i was using really where out of whack big time, because the new scales have me up at 286 pounds, that 12 pounds up from where I thought I was at.

Was not pleased to hear that news – will have it confirmed Wednesday when i am at the doc’s office, and I hope to the lady that their scales show me lighter then the new scales because if the new scales are right I’m really pissed because I’ve been working out and eating right and by rights should have lost weight – yes I have lost 5 inches last month from my chest, nothing from my waist, hips bust or neck.

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