AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard for Non Verbal Users and Kids with Autism

No Tie Software has released AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. AutoVerbal allows kids with Autism and people who are non-verbal to communicate using hundreds of picture buttons including buttons to speak your preprogrammed messages, plus type anything and it will be spoken using Text-To-Speech. … Continue reading

Tweets for May 2010 (p3)

Beach Rib Fest (Woodbine Park) June 18 to 20th 2010 Free Admission #Event #Toronto #Canada #RibFest #TheBeach # #bgnow mmol 7.9 – morning twitterverse # @Thegirlwithpcos ::smiles:: always good to know one has a following 🙂 in reply to Thegirlwithpcos # just watching the last 30 min of "The … Continue reading

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