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30 Days of Diabetes – Day 15

Day 15 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is What’s your favorite oh-gosh-my-diabetes-hate-me-for-eating-this food?

Well its not a food, but a drink and it would be Pepsi, I enjoy it greatly but because of the carb load it doesn’t always like me (though when I was working last month and what not it was my best friend for keeping my levels from dropping into the danger zone while working).

I can’t actually think of any one food that is like that with me, since all foods have an effect on my glucose control though yes like many candy such as chocolate and the like might have a worse effect that one doesn’t like but I like all things those are always in moderation.

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 14

Day 14 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is Have you ever gotten in trouble for doing something diabetes-related that someone didn’t think was allowed? (Bolusing in class, blood sugar test in a meeting, eating at work, etc)

A few times, eating something that someone didn’t think I should be eating (like having a tim bit) or drinking regular pop (my all time fav Pepsi), there have been a number of times that I’ve been BINGOed regarding my food or drink choices with those who know I’m Diabetic and all of its annoying since I do know what I can and can’t have and how what I choose to have effects my glucose.

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 12

Day 12 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is How’s your relationship with your endocrinologist?

Its alright, like some people its up and down depending on how tight my control is, the tighter it is the better he is with me, the worse it is the less then great he is with me. Which makes it annoying at times since for various reasons I don’t always feel like he listens to what I have to say because at times I feel so blasted lost in the world when it comes to diabetic treatment.

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 11

Day 11 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, today’s question is What’s your record for highs/lows?

The highest I’ve been since being told I’m Diabetic would be mmol 25 (450) not an uncommon number while I was staying down in the US (Colorado Springs, CO) for 6 months with N shortly after getting married while the lowest I got while down there was mmol 12 (216), I never was able to get under 12 save once and the day I did was only because I ODed on insulin.

Here at home my normal high is around mmol 18 (324) with average low being around mmol 7 (126) though like in the previous post I’ve gone lower as low as mmol 2.2 (and no idea how I was still functional at the low a level which makes me wonder if it was a true reading or not).

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 10

Day 10 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, and todays question is What was your scariest diabetes moment?

I think it would have to be the Sunday I was working at WalMart, my manager had called and asked if I could pull the full day instead of the half day I was booked to cover. I agreed to cover the full day not realizing what would end up happening because of over bookings and everything.

What ended up happening is that I got no Lunch, no breaks and was on my feet and moving from when I opened the studio until I was able to close it around 7pm that evening. What I didn’t know was what my glucose levels where and how much in the danger zone I’d gotten myself into.

I had managed to get myself into the danger zone, that being mmol 2.7 (48.6) which was so NOT safe for me to be around what so ever. It was a shock to the system to say the least that I was that low, but at the same time I was running on auto pilot. Needless to say the coffee and pop I had been sipping at all day long had kept me going to a degree but not at a great level and it did eventually fail to do even that.

Once I got the readings back I called N and my folks telling them that I was going to be late because it wasn’t safe for me to drive being that my levels where rather on the low side of things. N was so NOT pleased to heard what the number was at all and well my folks where not pleased either but understood that I’d be home when it was safer for me to drive. So I grabbed chicken nuggets from McDs with a refill of pop sat down and ate it, waited like 30 minutes after I’d eaten to see where my levels where at and they where still on the low side, but within the normal range for a non-diabetic so it was safe for me to head home.

Got home and thanks to the McDs I wasn’t hungry for dinner, which was understood but my craving for protein was through the roof – so later on N ended up fixing me some chicken to feed that craving.

So that was about the worst time I’ve had with my glucose levels.

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 9

Day 9 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is Have you ever traveled far away with it? What was that like?

I’ve only traveled to the US since being told I”m diabetic so its not been that bad save for one trip down with Norman – our first as a married couple which was rather rocky to say the least. We had a stop over in Denver and well there I lost my supplies because the twits confiscated them saying I had “no medical right” since my doc script I had wasn’t valid there in the US, which is utter bull – but what you wont for those ppl at times.

Had to have my folks ship me down a whole new supply of insulin that I had just gotten the day before we’d left – talk about not good on the pocket book (had them ship it because its cheaper then buying it in the us for various reasons). But other then that issue with the TSA not had to much issue with traveling outside of Canada.

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 8

Day 8 of the 30 Days of Diabetes, todays question is Did you have to make any major lifestyle changes when you were diagnosed?

When I was first told I was diabetic there was no real change that I did – it would be a few years till I actually made any changes to how I was living and it was more because I was starting to track what foods triggered a glucose rise or fall so I started recording more and more trying to find those answers to get better control. Which in itself lead to learning more about my body and about some of the foods that I didn’t know I was intolerant to (such as milk and soy with seafood and nuts as a lower intolerance).

30 Days of Diabetes – Day 6

Day 6 of the 30 days of Diabetes, todays question is Do you advertise it or try to hide it? Any reason why?

I don’t advertise or hide that I have Diabetes, I go about my day as I go about my day those who need to know know and the rest well if they learn of it so be it if not its not an issue. But one thing is for sure some can handle the fact that I ‘m diabetic other can’t either way life goes on as it does because if it didn’t I’d be in the ground and well this wouldn’t be an issue any longer.

The main reason why I do not advertise is because it isn’t something that everyone needs to know, there is enough problems with the general populace out there and their views of those who are diabetic that spending half of ones time explaining why you have diabetes or the like becomes annoying or the comments ones gets about what you are choosing to eat, drink or the like just get to the point that its not worth saying anything less its necessary to do so.

I tend to tell those I have to work with because they need to know in general, though unfortunately some of those people have been part of the reason why I don’t like saying anything because they can get on ones case a little to much that or it impacts ones employment (though it shouldn’t it can and does and since places have that three month window to just say alright thanks but no thanks you have no recourse if it was ones diabetes that was their deciding factor in not keeping you on).