Our Potted Garden

Well we’re at it again this year, last year we planted out first full garden and got some lovely items from it (lots of peppers and a few tomatoes) this year we’re trying for more.

We planted things a little later then planned so things are just now starting to appear in some cause such as with the tomato plants (so where still hoping that they will fruit in time) and this year we’ve got two new pepper plants a Noir and a Banana Sweet Pepper plants so should be interesting to see what we get (the Noir is already bearing fruit – atm has three dropped fruits with a few other’s starting to show).

We have also added Basle, Onions and once again trying to grow the Red Corn that we did last year (it didn’t produce anything last year, but we think that was because we started it to late – guess well see how it goes this year). And again we’ve got lettuce in mix of it, this year we’ve gone with a varity pack and so far its looking rather good – so likely will be picking some of the shoots soon to see how they taste.

Well post images of them as soon as I remember to take some images of them, take care!



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