Number and Our Lives

By reading the hidden language of numbers, specifically those numbers that correspond to the letters in our name and date of birth, we discover the essential blueprint or map that gives shape to our experience and provides a clear context for our choices. In examining that blueprint we can understand why our experience is the way it is, and discover how to amend our inner and outer circumstances to create more contentment in our lives.

Numerology reveals our motivations, our innate resources and challenges, our ideal career path and ultimate goal in life. It tells us of our natural personality and deepest values, the keys to successful relationships, personal balance and worldly achievement. It unveils potential pitfalls, defines the timing and direction of life changes and discloses many many other indicators that point the way to peace, harmony and happiness.

The numbers that qualify our personal world in no way limit or restrict us; they simply show us the deeper forces at hand that we may use our gift of choice more consciously. By applying the awareness that numerology affords us, we can live more creatively and congruently with greater purpose, passion and enthusiasm.

In summary numerology provides profound insight into our inherent mental, physical, emotional and spiritual resources. It reveals our true interests and inclinations, our aversions and our greatest attributes. It offers us good counsel, comfort and confidence. In short it gives us the invaluable tool of self-knowledge with which to fully engage and skillfully navigate life’s perpetual changes and challenges.



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