Dark Moon Samhain Ritual

NOTE: Have everyone place photos of loved ones who have past over, and any offerings on the altar.

Purify and open Circle; light pumpkins.

Call Hecate, speak of the Lord of Underworld

Hecate brings forth the basket of apples (read poem) and She passes them out

Each person places an apple before her photo and speaks aloud the name and relationship of their loved one

Priestess gives pomegranate seeds to each at altar for passage into the underworld and then leads desent journey

All hold hands and begin descent, circling counterclockwise –

Hecate leads speaking with dead


Return to the living

Hecate’s Circle Dance, wild drums!

Ground energy, give it to Gaia

Close Circle

Dumb Supper, sharing food with the dead

The Call To Hecate

Hecate! come, the moon’s path opens before thee

From thy secret realm
Dark as midnight seas
Approach the crossroads with thy wild wolves
Thou that runs with the fierce,
Run now with us

Guide to the underworld
She of the ancient wisdom black as night,
Red as blood!
Wise as time, ever lasting…
Lead our hearts to those beloved who have passed on
Lead this sacred circle of night beyond the veil!
Guide us in wisdom and let our hearts speak truly!

Hecate! Who art the soul’s mirror and the keeper of the keys
Come, calm all our fears …
In the silvered silence of the moon!
In the howls of the wild!
From the realm of transformation!

Show us the reality of re-birth!
Hecate grant us thy presence!
Come, guide us, so the living speak with the dead!

Hallows Hecate Chant

As the darkness now draws near,
See the cycle of the year
As the light now goes within,
Let the hallows dance begin!”

Chant: (all Chant)

“Hekas, Hekas, Hecate !” (hey-kas, Hey-kas, Hey-ka-tee)
Come to us in cauldron dark
Grant to us thy wisdom’s spark.
Transform, transmute, and ring us in!
Tis’ the hour to begin!
Power now to us reveal
Of the turning of the wheel.

“Hekas, Hekas, Hecate !”
Mother Of magick, faces three!”

Hekas, Hekas, Hecate!”
To the dance we now call thee!”

Hekas, Hekas, Hecate!”
Grant the ancient sorcery!”

Hekas, Hekas, Hecate,”
Join with us

So Mote It Be!”
Hekas, Hekas, Hecate!”

Descent Meditation
The drum begins to beat again (VERY SOFTLY) Make sure all have placed their photos on the altar! Have each place apple on altar before photo and speak aloud the name of the loved one they wish to speak to and who they were. When all are done and back in circle, instruct all to turn to left, place their right hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them.


PRIESTESS: Begin to walk to the beat of the drum, move slowly in a circular widdershins path. Trust the circle, walk with small sure steps to the beat of the drums. Know that you are turning back in the universe to visit places and times gone from this realm. Each step takes you further from this world and into another. The place you seek is not of this plane. As you move slowly, know that your step must be steadfast.

Now close your physical eyes and concentrate all vision to your Spiritual Eye. Continue to walk slowly, moving with the rhythm of the drum and sense our descent into the realm of the Shades. Rest any fears you might have. The circle has been purified, blessed and consecrated. This is sacred space. (PAUSE)

As you descend deeper and deeper into the realm of the Dead, do not stop, do not let go of one another; pay no heed to other voices…talk to no one. Feel the sensation of entering another realm, of passing through the veil of life and death. Be strong, have no fear – do not dwell on what lost spirits say. (PAUSE)

Drums beat a bit faster, Circle moves faster, drums stop! (all stop where they are)

“Stop!” We have arrived! You are now in the Spirit World! Here in this place between the worlds, those who have passed over live in our hearts and minds in shadow form! (PAUSE)

In a moment you will open your eyes…but be mindful that you are still in the Realm of the Shades. Be diligent, be respectful. Now open your heart and hear the words of your Guide HECATE!

Speaking With the Dead
Meditation Guide speaks: “Welcome! Make yourself comfortable…sit or lie down. Now close your eyes… and begin to breathe… slowly and deeply – notice your breath -and begin to engage your whole body in it’s process. As you inhale, do so with every fiber of your being – it is as if every pore in your skin were taking in the cool night air. Feel the oxygen replenish your life’s blood, bringing you clarity of mind. Now as you exhale, notice the calming peacefulness which surrounds you. Feel the stillness in that moment before you next choose to inhale. As you engage in this Magickal inner exchange of Life Force and Spiritual calm, be aware that both hold equal lodging in this cavernous space called the Shadow Realm.

Here…we shall find all that has died. Now once again, concentrate on your breath, and as you inhale, concentrate the Life Force in Spiritual Vision. As you close your eyes, think of one who was dear to you, remember a most special one, perhaps even a lost feeling that has passed into this realm. This may be a relative , a lover or a friend, a companion most loved to whom you would like to speak. Now is your chance to honor them, send them your love and respect. Do you need to complete unfinished matters with your loved one? In their departure had you not yet said to them what must be said? You know that you must say to them now what you did not have a chance to say in life. Bring this treasure now to mind, be open and relaxed – see them near.

Now once again notice your breath…and as you draw in the Life Force, send its essence to your heart…for it is there that the voice to be heard in this world abides. Feel your heart, breathe into your heart. Now as you exhale, send the message from your heart to that beloved one, speak the things to them that you could not speak of before. (pause)

Now you may listen, allow the voice of your loved one to speak back to you; to say what they could not speak before. Listen carefully and remember all that is said.

(let several minutes go by)

When you feel that your communion is complete and you are ready, at your own pace, come back to the world of the living. Come back to your body and know your message has been heard, your offering received. When you are complete, Open your eyes and give thanks.



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