Work, Work and Even More Work

Well after looking for work for most of the year I find it and actually enjoying what I am doing. Then a couple months into it I get an email from a former employer looking to hire me back for another season. Thus it becomes a question of should I or should I decline and just stick to the one job that I have even if it’s not giving me the hours or income that I need to survive but will in time do so (but at this point in time isn’t and can’t).

Well after talking it over with N and my folks all who kept saying that its my own choice as to what I do. Which didn’t make it any easer to do, since they wouldn’t give me their opinion on the matter – grz. I made the choice to do both, since one of them doesn’t take that many hours a month and the other I know will only last for about two months before its over with while the other has potential for much longer lasting (and turning into full time employment to boot).

So I gave the place that I had worked at last year the terms of the condition that I’d come back to work for them and well they agreed to it – though I am sure they where not pleased with the matter but the deal is if they wont me they have to go with the terms that I am working within for my existing client. This also gives my existing client a chance to actually work on what ever is needed and give it to me to work on instead of feeling like I’m waiting around without anything to do (outside of learning more about photoshop, indesign, web design and seo).

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care



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