Tweets for January 2009

  • evening mmol 15.4 .. morning 8.7 #
  • well went wedding gown shopping with dad – and got an better idea of what works on my frame vs what doesn’t .. plus what size works #
  • Turns out 24s are to small but I can for some makes get into a 26, yet no matter what I’ll never get into the back part I’m to broad backed #
  • so its looking better for getting a gown in general, though the style I like is not flattering on my frame, so thats out have to go with els #
  • Mom likes the dress that I tried on second – so it might be what I go with (will have to see) just some minor alts to it and it would work #
  • ohkay i’m sore – sighs my back, shoulders etc are just not happy with me … am in more pain then I care to be in #
  • 3 months and 19 days till the wedding #
  • woot nets back and out I’m SORE!!!! #
  • was a fun day yesterday at the bridal show – got a few good ideas for dresses that I liked, though not sure if they would work on me. #
  • At the bridal show yesterday got a few pricing quotes for things, and OUCH!!! talk about pricy! Ummm forget some of the stuff to over priced #
  • evening mmol 12.6 … morning 8.5 #
  • well we’re going to the Canadian Bridal Show on Saturday, instead of friday #
  • evening mmol 14.6 …. morning mmol 7.9 #
  • Schnuffel – Bunnyparty (english Version) – … chuckles, sounds cool in orginal german as well #
  • Schnuffel & Wendler Haschenparty Volle Lange – …orginal version of that bunny party song/video #
  • evening mmol 21.5 … morning mmol never took them never got the chance and every time I think about it its not 2 hours since I’ve eaten! #
  • ya have been updating my main block – back dating posts that I’d posted but had forgotten to let go though (aka saved them, then forgot) #
  • evening mmol 10.2 …. morning mmol 5.7 #
  • talk about a long night, at about 4:15 in the morning Norman had an attack – that took a good hour before he was back and cohearent #
  • Saturday January 3rd 2009 – evening mmol 10.6 … morning mmol 7.6 #
  • looks like we might be moving – again, this time to another sim (wihtout keeping one in place) seems at this time that Naples Island gone #
  • evening mm ol 18.6 … morning mmol 11.2 #
  • it is officaly we have lost Naples Island, good thing Norman and I got a sim this morning as we had a feeling this was coming #
  • evening mmol 11.5 … morning mmol 7.6 #
  • well 31 minutes till the start of the new year – its been a good 2008 – I wish everyone a safe time and HAPPY 2009! #
  • HAPPY 2009 to everyone! #
  • My Wedding Colour is “Tiffany Blue” because I am young, fresh, carefree, fashion-forward, and classic beauty according to a quiz on FaceBook #
  • evening mmol 13.9 … morning mmol 8.6 #



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