TMI Tuesday #229 – Springtime Edition

1. With warm weather on the horizon, what outdoor activity are you most looking forward to?
I’m looking forwards to getting back into biking, but it all depends on if hubby will be around or not this season weather or not it takes place.

2. Ever found any strange items while Spring cleaning? If so, what?
No, don’t really get into the spring cleaning deal around here

3. Daylight savings time was this month…what were you doing when you lost an hour?
Nothing special, as in nothing different then I do any day of the week or when the clocks fall back for move forwards.

4. What are some weird home remedies that you have tried to cure allergies or seasonal colds?
I’ve never tried to cure allergies or colds, I let them run their course since that is the best option (colds though I do try to make sure to get extra vitamin C and plenty of ginger into me and stay overly hydrated).

5. If you could change the tune of the ice cream truck to any song, which would you change it to and why?
I’ve not heard an ice cream truck in ages, so I have no idea what they sound like now. Last one I remember the person who drove it played different tunes depending on what street he was on and what part of the street he stopped at (area with most kids child based songs, are with mroe adults more adult style tunes).

Bonus (optional): What’s your craziest Spring Break memory? Explain
Craziest? nothing comes to the top of my mind when it comes to spring break’s … then again I don’t even remember what I use to do when I had spring break it was oh so LONG ago.