TMI Tuesday #213

1. What are your thoughts on Polyamorous Relationships?
If its what works for you and your partners then its what works for you and your partners. Its just not for everyone.

2. What is on your list of relationship “deal breakers”?
Abuse plain and simple, you start that up and I am out of there as fast as I can move my booty.

3. How long did it take you you to find the type “you are into” and/or accept it?
I can say it took a lifetime to fine my hubby the one person that I am in love with, but I’ve found several people that I share similar enough interests with that we would be compatible on various other levels – just not enough to build a lasting lifetime relationship with.

4. What is your view on full disclosure about past relationships? (Lies of omission not lies of commission)
I do like to know where my partner is coming from so for me I would like to at least know why past relationships failed and similar lines of interest that might effect our relationship.

5. Have you ever been in a situation where you were not comfortable complying with the adventurous request of a lover?
Yes a couple of times but that was in the distant pass, since meeting my hubby I’ve not found myself in that situation at all.

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