The EX

Well was at the EX today, and had a blast with Tiff … we ended up getting together at the EX just after 11am which was great since I didn’t think i’d be there much before noon with the crowed I was sure where going to be there, but where not.

Yesterday proved to be an interesting day all in all and I also managed to burn almost 2,000 calories by taking 34,600 steps today .. talk about wow, new i walked a lot when i went to the ex, didn’t know that was how many steps i might well take … talk about a little eye opener .. and the kicker to it all is for all the burn I only managed to take in 1876 calories, which means I didn’t take in enough cals to sustain the burn I did – so by rights I should have lost some weight by time i hit the scales on Sunday (but I’m not counting on it – at least now how my body has been acting of late).

Ended up buying a few items while at the EX, a pair of male leather gloves since no female glove they had would fit my big hands .. and even the male gloves had to me a large to fit my hands (for crying out loud my dad can wear my new gloves as easily as I can – shakes head). Also managed to get a few deals for my folks anniversary and yule presents – which to me was a great bonus deal.

I am now sitting here in front of the comp and pretty much knowing that tomorrow my legs are going to be yelling at me for walking over 10 miles and what not .. chuckles oh well its all good i enjoyed the day out.

take care everyone



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