Spending L

Well talk about spending L

I really hate to say it but ouch I’ve spent a bundle of L in the past 48 hours or so … yes a good portion of it is on stuff for the home, but a few items where also for my self, new clothing most notably, plus hair.

I got some cuddle stuff that I know Norman loves, and I got two new hair styles (k same style different colour packs for my human look).

I also got a few items which as yet have not been able to get to work at the new home, but am hopeful that we will be able to get working in short order.

The clothing that I got, I think will be of help to me at the various club that I am now working at, not to mention wearing as standard ware, just have to wait and see how it does for wearing them, since a few of them I think might not be right, though they looked great on the board when I got them.

I hate to say it but have spent L$5,440 in the past 48 hours hours … ouch, talk about a little spending spree or something, K i know I have the L which is why I did spend what I did, but still seeing the total is just a little bit of its own shocker to say the least.

Oh well, its all good when all is said and dun, the house it become more of a home which is what I am hoping it to become, so take care everyone got to get back to work.



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