Sites Back Online!!!

Well finaly for the most part all my sites are back online. If you have been trying since the 25th of last month to access any of my sites you will likely of seen a notice stating that the site is under maintance, they where thanks to a hacker who trashed everything 🙁

Most things are back up and running however all my PHP areas such as the members area of Macintosh Sisters … PathWalkers.Net … AIMUG Canada are not yet active, since my server is having to redo their end of the php handling. I do hope to have the php sections back up and running by the end of this weekend, but I’ll keep you posted.

On another note .. I have revamped PathWalkers completely, its now only 1024 x 768 viewing, and the portfolio section is now completly flash (swf) orentated. I know that some of you liked to save the images I created, but some less then kind ppl where taking my work and calling it their own, I know this way will not stop them, but its a deterant at the least.

I’m in the process of revamping the html area of Macintosh Sisters I expect to have that reloaded momentarly, middle of today sometime.

Well that’s all for the time being, I’ll post more as time passes take care everyone.



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