30-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 6

Active Challenge: Stand while you work whenever possible
Not really possible to do a lot of standing while working, but since I wasn’t working today in general the work that was dun standing was about the only option since we had to clean and pack and unpack Normans stuff

Exercise Challenge: Do 30 minutes (altogether or split throughout the day) of light-to-medium cardio
Went for adult swim with Norman at the local pool, was refreshing and enjoyable

Flexibility Challenge: Perform the following stretches at least twice: Dynamic Standing Cat Stretch, Calf Stretch, Torso Stretch, Back Stretch, Neck Stretch

Nutritional Challenge: Breakfast makeover. Read our Nutrition Guide’s article, How to Ruin a Healthy Breakfast and make your breakfast healthier.
Read the article, didn’t see anything there that was helpful and I can’t make my breakfast any healther then it already is

Mind/Body Challenge: One-minute vacation
mmmmmmmmm zzzzzzzzzzz

Record your workouts and meals in your journal
Like all things posting this blog means I’ve journaled and like always need to get onto SP and copy down the food, etc.

If you haven’t completed some of the things on this checklist, make a note of what you still need to do and when you’ll do it. If you did complete all the assignments, write down what you found the most challenging and why. List any other tasks you’d like to accomplish in addition to or instead of the challenges listed above.



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