Hit $L11,000

Well I’ve finally hit $L11,000 in SecondLife … talk about wow, not a number that I thought Id see before the end of the year … then again am pleased to see it big time.

I’m also in the process of trying to find land to buy, but OUCH the “rent” you have to pay to Lindon labs on a monthly basis can sure rack up big time (seen as a low as $L800 a month to as high as $L20,000 a month)

Finding property which is both commercial and resadential is proving to be blasted hard to get my paws on. In fact i’ve not been able to find land which is a combo of the two, I know its out there, just seems blasted harder to find the simple resadentical land .. growls.

Oh well, everything happens in its own time, so till then i’m earning and hunting.



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