Hi Payout in SL

K short note, working two jobs here in SL now one as a shop attendant and another as a dancer, and lets say the shop job might pay of L$50 an hour and the Dancer pay of L$35 an hour.

Of late the tips from the people at the club have gotten me over the L$5,000 mark (as in the past two weeks I have gotten just over L$2,000 from just tips alone), so in some regards the dancing is paying out better then the shop job, but I’m so not giving up that work, since lets say dancing might be nice, but at times its so NOT pleasent.

That and I enjoying working at the shop itself, it might not pay high but its giving me experiance that I know will come in handy when I finally am able to open my own shop and sell my own stuff, which the way things are going might well be faster then I first though it would be, as in I though it would take about 4 months before I’d have close enough to even afford the rental price of a shop within a larger building (ultmatly would like my own place as in land and it all). Oh well just have to see how things progress from here.



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