Furnal Equinox 2011

Well its getting ever closer to FE2011, its this weekend and Norman and I are attending, its going to be our first Furry convention we’re attending as a couple and my first furry convention period for that matter, unfortunately I will not be wearing a fursuit like Norman, it seems I have an issue with the foam we where using as in I’m either allergic or overly sensitive to what ever is in it (which I think is latex). But it just means that when I do get my suit together in full that its not going to have foam close to the skin, simple as that.

Not sure what to expect in general other then its going to have a number of people who have one thing in common that they are interested in furry though I also know a good number in attendance will also be male, with females in the minority which is alright, its something I’ve gotten use to over the years when it comes to events I like to attend (monster trucks being one of them).

I hope that I’ll have a chance to blog while at the con, but I’m not counting on it. Only thing I am sure that I likely will have the limited ability to do is tweet, well post as does does allow for it, take care everyone!




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