What a Week

Well a week today we added a new family member, and in that times Payton has come a very long way with us in terms of behaviour and a lot of other things, which I am most pleased to see from him.

When we got him we where told a lot of things about him, we where told not to start training with him for at least the month to let him settle in with our family. Ya well I didn’t listen to that, I can’t imagine the state he’d be in if I’d even followed that advice as it goes counter to what I know about having a new family member.

At any rate, Payton has proven to be a great asset to the family for all the ups and downs since we got him I wouldn’t trade him in he’s proven he can learn and appears to won’t to be part of our pack so to speak.

Here’s to another week to see how he progresses with things.



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