For those who have been asking me over the past little while here is the link to the AODA itself – so you can view the entire act and all its information from the government site itself.

If you are looking for the specific information regarding Service Animals for Ontario then here is the link for that specific section.

Ontario Law under the AODA Specifically says….

Documentation and certification
Under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the AODA, service animals do not need to have certificates or identity cards.

However, you may be asked to provide acceptable documentation. This includes:
* documentation from a regulated health professional
* an identification card from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General for people who are blind and use a guide dog

This means if you are a person who a guide dog you might well have a ID card that is from the Canadian Government Attorney General and can be asked for that specific ID other wise all that someone who is at the entrance of the store is allowed to even ask for is to see your Doctors note (and the note doesn’t have to give your exact medical condition just that you need the help of a service dog).

If you are looking for help regarding your Service Animal and potential issues that have or might lead to it having to wash because of getting injured or the like by a second/third party then it might fall under the PAWS act found here (full act with all the info – this act does cover Service Animals they are lumped in under police dogs in a sub section.

Harming law enforcement or service animal
17 No person shall cause harm, or attempt to cause harm, to an animal that works with peace officers in the execution of their duties, or to a service animal, whether or not the animal is working at the time of the harm.

Minimum penalty for certain offences
(7) The following offences have a minimum penalty of $25,000:
4. Contravening section 17 (Harming law enforcement or service animal).

Major offences
(2) Every person is guilty of an offence who contravenes,
(d) section 17 (Harming law enforcement or service animal);

Penalty — individual, major offences
(4) On conviction under subsection (2), an individual is liable,

(a) in the case of a first offence, to a fine of not more than $130,000, to imprisonment for a term of not more than two years, or to both; or

(b) in the case of a second or subsequent offence, to a fine of not more than $260,000, to imprisonment for a term of not more than two years, or to both.



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