SD Trainer

Well we’ve come a long way since Payton came into our lives, but like a lot of things help is needed in some areas so we’ve elected to hire someone who has experience training Service Dog’s thus we had our first meeting with her today in our home (she makes house calls) and the session went rather well.

At first I was thinking it was going to be the same old same old – no new information then she did a trick that I had never seen before (an alternative to using a Halti or Gentle Leader) we saw the immediate change in Payton and how he acted on leash and poof that was something that later on after she left Norman tried and for the first time in a while since things started picking up more and payton started getting more head strong in the Halti that Norman was able to correct him and not have him wishing to pull while walking (he does well heeling in general but out of vest his heeling isn’t).

We’ve another session set up for later this month until then we’ve got a few things to work on with him, mostly Norman and Payton but some of it applies to me in my own regard (I got to learn to keep my hand off of things so that the two of them become more of bonded team then they currently are).

Wel post more as time passes take care everyone!



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