Payton – Seizure Responce Dog in Training

Norman n his Service Dog Payton - May 1st 2016
I am very please with Payton, today while I was getting ready to get things together for taking him out before Church he started be vocal, at first I thought he was getting upset that i was taking to long so I to a minor degree ignored him. But he couldn’t stop and it was getting worse so I went to see what was going on, walk into our bedroom and find Norman in a full Clonic Tonic and at the end of the Bed is Payton trying to get onto the bed, but the cone of shame was preventing him from getting onto the bed much to his displeasure.

I try to get N to roll over like I know he needs to, but its not working and all this time Payton is trying to get onto the bed, so I cut the cone from him and boom onto the bed he bounds and sits on Norman, so NOT what I was expecting him to do in any way shape or form. He then starts to nuzzle him and lick his face, in very short order N starts to come out of the seizure and at which point Payton smuggles up to him and the two of them rest until N comes fully out of it.

I know we got Payton with the idea of the possibilities that he might be able to be trained as a response dog to serve Norman as his Service Dog to keep him safe, but I was not expecting him to do this on his own to be honest. But I am grateful that he has come into our lives and that he was such a great help in pulling Norman out of his seizure as he was.

This gives me much hope for the future of the two of them, will post more as time passes take care everyone!



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