Getting Better

Payton SDiT - May 4th 2016Well today we took Payton in the car, Norman was worried about taking him to PetSmart at first he wonted to leave him in the car but eventually he agreed to bring him into the store. After all he needs to learn about being inside buildings, so better a pet centric place to start in general for his work on public access.

Well we get into PetSmart and Payton doesn’t blink a eye, we start looking for the items that we came for (food and a gentile leader). While in the store Payton saw the dogs that are in the places Hotel/Day Care and he didn’t get upset or anything, Norman even took him over to look at the other larger dogs and he had 0 reaction to them. Even the other dogs in the store he had no reaction to – shocked Norman to various degrees as he was totally expecting a confrontation or something.

After PetSmart we where off to Walmart, I ran in and got what was needed for us plus Payton (they had dog food on sale, cheaper then at PetSmart and PetSmart wouldn’t honour the price WM had it on for). Norman would have loved to bring Payton into WM but that type of stuff isn’t yet he still has a ways to before such type of access is a given.

After that we drove over to see a fellow church member who hasn’t been to church in a while and talked with him for a bit even introduced him to Payton, he was less then pleased to hear that one day in the future Payton would be actually in church with Norman. Its a reaction I was expecting to various degrees since some people don’t understand Service Dogs even if they like dog’s in general and I know that many people don’t think about having a dog in church even if it is a Service Dog, so its something that is going to be dealt with as needed over time.

After the visit we came home and worked around the house before taking Payton for his evening walk. He did decent for his walk, a few minor issues with a couple of dogs, but nothing like he had shortly after we got him so he has made some great strides over the past week that is for sure.

Take care everyone, post more shortly.



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