Well I will admit that as much as I like Payton he has gotten on my nerves today with some of his antics when it came to going for his walks.

His fixation on Squirrels is intense, I’ve never seen that before not even in Griff or Bliss and they both like to try and chase them but not at the level that Payton has going on by any way shape or form. I am trying what I know to get him to just leave them alone, and thought he was progressing until he almost took my arm off trying to get at one in a tree.

I know its not been a week yet and that he’s still learning but ouch on one to many levels. Add in his dislike at times regarding some male dogs be can be a handle for walking, yet at other times a great joy – its like a switch is flipped at times and I don’t yet understand how to flip that switch into the right direction and keep it there, as yet.

Well post more later, take care!



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