another day, and another day…..

Greetings Everyone,

I’ve not been well of late, unfortuantly. But am getting better, which is ofcourse a good thing.

PathWalkers.Net is coming along, with the revamp. And PathWalkers is growing strong, new articles have been added, and things updated.

Macintosh Sisters is also going strong, and I’ve added a few new things to the Members area, as well as updated the news articles.

I’ve been working on my Portfolio, and well I’ve removed the Animation section and replaced it with a section called layouts, which I feel is better to have there, then the Animation one, but I’ll readd the animation one in time.

I’m still job hunting, I get the interviews, but not a call back or the job 🙁 it is most frustrating. I’m still trying to get my freelanceing off the ground again. Yes its been there in the past, but since I prity much put it on hold because of school its gone down conciderably :-(.

Well I’ll keep you posted, so take care everyone.



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