30 Days of Truth – Day 26

Well its getting close to the end of the month, yet its not the end of the 30 Days of Truth because its only Day 26 have 4 more days to go. Todays blog entry is for me to write about Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

I can not actually think of any time in my life that I have wonted to give it up. Things might have been bad at times and I might have wished that I wasn’t going though what I was going though, but I can not once think of a time that I wished to end things what so ever.

To me life however hard it might be or get is worth living, less there is no chance for a better quality of life to come then and only then does a termination of life seem to be a possible good idea, which might or might not be a good depending on who’s point of view you agree on or with.



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