30 Days of Truth – Day 20

Getting ever closer to the end of the month and the end of the 30 Days of Truth, it is now Day 20 and todays blog is for me to write on Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Well anyone who knows me knows that my view are very much black and white when it comes to this subject. I am not a fan of drinking and I am not a fan of drugs. I know that having a drink in moderation might not do any harm in general to you but in general its not my deal and though I might have a cooler once a year maybe twice it depends its just not something that I have an interest in having, much less anything stronger.

Drugs, well when it comes to illegal ones I’m all for legal action and other things that go along with breaking the law for doing something that can and does harm others.

I’m even against cigarettes I class them at the same levels as drugs and what have you, to me they are not something anyone should use, they are not healthy and cause more trouble for you and others then they are worth. At least that is what I believe.



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