30 Days of Truth – Day 18

Just over half way though the 30 Days of Truth, and its now Day 18. Todays blog is for me to write on Your views on gay marriage.

As anyone who knows me I am very much pro gay/les marriage, I’ve posted at length about it in the past on various sites and though various groups I’m a member of. I believe if someone wishes to commit to someone of their same gender then they should have full rights to do so and have all the positives and negatives that go along with it.

I believe that everyone is entitled to pay their dues when it comes to who they choose as a life partner, who they choose to rise or not raise children with and who they wish to leave their assets to once they pass.

Depending on where you are Norman’s and my relationship would not be considered legal because of his status as a intersexed person, for what ever reasons I’ll never understand the mear fact he was born with functional female parts classifies him as female, yet he also has a functional male part … classifications are something which humans have made because they can’t stand the unknown or not being able to put someone into a box of one kind or another.



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