30 Days of Truth – Day 17

Well the days have been flying by at times it does seem, it is now Day 17 of the 30 Days of Truth, and todays blog writing is to write about A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Sighs, hard topic in general since there are several books I have read over the years growing up that changed my views on this and a few as an adult that have dun the same.

One book growing up that changed part of my world was the book “Follow By Leader” by James B. Garfield it had a profound impact on my life when I was a child. In part do to it I got interested in helping the blind and other people who where physically challenged, plus my love of dogs was spawned with that book, can’t explain the mind of a child but something in that book caught my attention that has stayed with me right into my adult years. Though that book I learned to read braille and got into sigh language and into supporting canine companions for independence and other such organizations.

In my teen years the book “Joys of Sex” that my mom got me helped to spark an interest in some alternative sexual practices that back then was not as main stream as some but at the same time are becoming more and more main stream with each passing year. That book opened my eyes to things that I couldn’t even begin to talk to my mom about, because she disagrees with them so trying to talk to her about them is pointless, but the book at least gave me a starting point to find other’s to talk with about it and to learn from other books and thus become more rounded in that area of my life, weather I choose to be active in it or not, the knowledge is still part of me.

As an adult I can’t really pic any one title that I’ve read that has had a profound impact on my life, I know the program Second Life has had a great impact on my life because it brought Norman into my life though using it. But its not a book, its not a mag, it was however text on a screen that I was reading before we took it over to skype to actually talk.

Oh well it is enough to be said that that have been books and written things in my life that have had their lasting effects and I’d not change any of them what so ever.



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