30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 7

It is now the last day of the week its Day 7 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge, and todays question I am to answer is Who’s your favorite Doctor? (Or, do you have a favorite asexual character?)

I’m not that much into Doctor Who, but there are a few that I do enjoy very much in general – but I’d never class him as asexual because of a few ep’s which to me prove other wise at least to degrees, I also can’t really think of a single actual asexual character that I know of on TV.

* Jon Pertwee is my first fav of the Doctors incarnations
* Tim Baker, though not one of my fav doc’s did the role very wel for the years he filled it as a result many eps I like in general.
* Christopher Eccleston, the first of the newer modern doctors and actually the only one so far that i really have liked of the new crop of doctor incarnations.



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