30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 4

Its now on to Day 4 of the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge and today I am to answer the following question Do you identify as a part of the queer community? What communities do you identify with?

I identify with several different communities for various reasons.

I identify with being part of the furry community because both Norman and I consider ourselves to be furs maybe not as drastic as some out there but yes we do wear fursuits and we do help out within our local fur community with events, cons and the like.

I identify with being part of the kink community for various reasons one of them being that both Norman and I enjoy some light bondage, spanking and a some other kinky things that in general is frowned upon within society in general but which to us is just part of our lives and has nothing wrong with it between two consenting adults.

I identify with being part of the pagan community because I am pagan and I feel a connection to others within the pagan community in general, I have been a member of my local pagan community for many years helping with events, meet-ups and even being a guest lecturer for a couple cons and meets.

I also identify with being part of the queer community because its one of the first communities that I actually got active in while still in high school, though over the years I’ve not been very active within the community as I once was I still feel part of it to various degrees.



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