30 Days Asexuality Challenge – Day 24

6 days left in the 30 Days of Asexuality Challenge, this is Day 24, so today I am to answer the question Write something or post a picture about asexuality that upsets you.

This could well be a LONG post, but its not going to be because I will not write as much as I would like because well that would make a lot of what I type redundant, so the short of it is as follows…

What bother’s me most about asexuality is that people assume that because one is Married that you have to be straight, or that you have to be sexually attracted to your spouse or other wise why would you be with someone who you where not sexually attracted to.

Its something that does bug me to no end for various reasons, just like people who assume that because I am a Fur that I have to be into the sexual side of it or be into the animal stuff, they can’t seem to understand that one can have non-sexual interest in things that for other’s they might well have a sexual aspect to.

To me just because I don’t have a sexual attraction to things, people or what have you doesn’t mean other’s can’t, don’t or shouldn’t it just means that for me I don’t and that’s all that really matters when all is said and dun.



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