two coffees in one day ack

Now this is something which is not normal for me, but yesterday and today I have had coffee – today two of them, like ack.

Part of the reason for them is that for some reason unknown to me it just smelled oh so good, and I had to have a cup of the stuff – shakes head.

This is most unlike me, maybe its because its a hazelnut blend that its gotten my attention – I’m almost a sucker for hazelnut flavouring in drinks.

Be that as it may, three cups of coffee, I hope mom gets her instant again cause I don’t know if drinking it this often is actually a good idea for me – not when I managed to get though univesrity and college without becoming addicted to the stuff that is.

At least its not high in calories, of all the drink i drink it has the lowest calory count – go figure that one out, even with creamer added its still less then milk, pop or juice.

Well post as time does pass take care



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