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Well was talking with a few people, where were picking my brain on weight loss

at a BMR of 1947.55 and activity level that says I need to eat 2677 cals a day the level that I eat I should be having a pound or two loss a week, yet that is not the case. Only when I eat more then the numbers does the weight come off.

According to my BF I’m at 25% which is within the start of the acceptable range, and just 1% over the Fitness range.

Now if I wish to get down to 20% body fat, I need to get off another 45 pounds off my current weight (I choose 20% because I can’t see me going lower then that the way my body is built or at my age and other health deals going on with me).

Now those who were picking my brains like me have PCOS, and like me have a world of a time getting the weight off .. yet unlike them I don’t seem to have many of the weight loss issues that they appear to have.

I have a 20 pound goal a year loss I am aiming for, if I get over that in a year so be it, but as long as that 20 is loss by the end of the year I’m not worried. I do not understand the drive to louse 50+ pounds in under a years time, to me that is not long term sustainable. Yes it might be for a year or two, but I can not see it long term. I was taught that slow weight loss means that the body will keep it off because its gotten use to the new self and that once its gotten use to it that habits etc are there to maintain it, thus that ends up being lacking when you louse it so fast, the body has no time to get use to the new self, thus wonts to get back to the old self.

Drag in the PCOS and you have a double whamy of a deal .. a body that in most cases is Insulin Resitant if not already a type 2 diabetic and anything else that goes with the pcos. Many books out there tote low carb for those with PCOS, yet even for a diabetic low carb is not always ideal (150 grams a day is the recomended average for a diabetic – yes it can be lower, but lowest apparently is 100g a day). I can’t for the life of me think of having under 150g of carbs a day in my meal plan (I have at times, yes but for me closer to 200g a day is more common).



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