30 Days of PCOS – Day 5

Day 5. What treatments are under going for your PCOS?

From the time I was told I had PCOS until March of 2007 I was under treatment for PCOS in general but as soon as I had the hysterectomy my GYN discharged from me her care and back into the care of my GP who sees no reason for treatment since I don’t have a reproductive system any more, thus can’t be dealing with anything to do with PCOS any longer.

Which is crap, but since the prevailing deal within the medical community at large seems to be that once you hit menopause or the like PCOS is a think of the past that you don’t have to worry about dealing with – yet it is still very much part of my life. I just don’t have some of the other issues that I once had to deal with (lack of cycles being the biggest one).

But I still have the weight loss issue, weight gain issue and everything else that goes along with PCOS in general that isn’t been watched out for or taken care of save if I force my GP to do something – which is like pulling teeth to get her to do so in general.



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