Weight Training – Upper Body and Core

Walked = 10.8 miles
Took = 19,574 steps

Upper Body and Core
Crunches for 4 sets at 8 reps
Crunches with Twist for 3 sets at 8 reps
Lateral Raises = 5 lbs for 4 sets at 8 reps
Frontal Raises = 5 lbs for 4 sets at 8 reps
Curl Back = 5 lbs for 4 sets at 8 reps
Punch and Hold Back = 5 lbs for 4 sets at 8 reps
Bicep Curls = 15lbs for 4 sets at 8 reps
Shoulder Press – 65 lbs for 4 sets at 10 reps
Single Pulley Row = 50 lbs for 4 sets at 8 reps

Stretching between each set, plus…
Stretch Trainer – Inner Thighs, Grains
Stretch Trainer – Lowerback
Stretch Trainer – Shoulders
Stretch Trainer – Gluteals, Hips
Stretch Trainer – Quadricepts

Elliptical Trainer – 65 minutes
Walking Griff – 45 minutes x 3 times

Total burn for the day is 2379.93 calories

Ouch, to much dun at the gym it does feel … k not to much but my muslce in my shoulders are yelling at me for the workout, me thinks I finally got them working right and in action enough to let me know that they really are there – shakes head.

So managed to burned 920 cals on the elliptical for 65 minutes straight (was floored at the cal burn for that short period of time – then again was at level 5 higher then I’ve dun it todate, so maybe thats why).

Didn’t hit the treadmill, was going to do so, but felt that Id dun enough cardio using the ellipitical for that period of time, that and the dog wouldn’t be to pleased if he missed his evening walk. Day total cal burned was 2379.93 .. sighs a little higher then I was aiming for by just over 300 cals .. chuckles (hay its common to burn 2,000 on a day a the gym).



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