First Pilates Class

Well its was an interesting class that is for sure, thee older ladies and myself plus the instructor

the instructor is apparently teaching the Alexandian Pilates method, which I know nothing about, and from what i can find online at the moment, is not to different from the other forms in its general basics.

well I have signed up for the 6 classes which cost 120 bucks for the 6 classes, a little pricy to a degree, but then again I have alsp priced other places and their pricing was a world of a lot higher, so comparitvly its lower then it could well be.

The instructor is also apparently a yoga instructor, which I guess works out well for her, since she can teach both to make extra funds, or the like. But I get the feeling that she herself is still a student when it comes to pilates .. which doesn’t surpise me, it can take a liftetime to learn or so I have heard, as long as she is qualified to teach I don’t care if she is still learning as long as she is not teaching beyound what she is qualified to teach that is.

The coming weeks till tell just how the classes go, and how my own body reacts to wards it in general. So here’s hoping that its agreable to my body .. since I could well do with a boost in body streanth beyound what I have been doing when it comes to streaching and what not.

Well take care



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