5 Day Walking Log (May 25th to 29th 2006)

The following is the first 5 days of me having the walking monitor to tell me how many steps i’m talking and apx cals burned etc. I’m am keeping a log of what the monitor tells me is my daily steps and cals burned, so will post them every week.

Monday May 29th 2006
Steps: 3390
Acrobatic Steps: 0
Acrobatic Steps for: 0
Cals Burned: 142
km walked: 1.76

Sunday May 28th 2006
Acrobatic Steps: 6754
Acrobatic Steps for: 66min
Cals Burned: 447
km walked:4.54

Saturday May 27th 2006
Acrobatic Steps: 3079
Acrobatic Steps for: 17min
Cals Burned: 332
km walked:3.40

Friday May 26th 2006
Acrobatic Steps1984
Acrobatic Steps for: unknown
Cals Burned:260
km walked:2.93

Thursday May 25th 2006
Steps: 1156
Acrobatic Steps 0
Acrobatic Steps for: 0
Cals Burned:49
km walked:.60



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