DSMA QnA: It’s 2012,now what?

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. Do you make New Year’s goals/resolutions to manage diabetes? yes or no?
Yes, I made a goal to lower my A1C (I know I can do it its just a matter of getting into a better habit of control)

Q2.Do you think setting goals/resolutions is realistic in managing diabetes?
I think if you know you can do it and its a reasonable goal/resolution that it doesn’t hurt for it to be made or aimed for.

Q3. Do you share your goals/resolutions with your health care team?
My Endo knows that I need to get my A1C down, he’s the one who keeps at be to get it lower, so ya he knows my goal of getting it down within range.

Q4. What keeps you motivated to reach and maintain your goals/resolutions…take care of yourself?
Being around and living a long life with my husband is one of the reasons behind it. But I also wont to avoid complications for as long as possible if at all possible, which means being proactive in my own care and what I do with my life and health.

Q4.5 How do you motivate people for what needs to be done, today? (people who need short term motivation) via @iamsquee
I do what I can by giving encouragement as needed and in general trying to live by example.

Q5. list 3 words for 2012. (diabetes)
A1C, Glucose, Control

Q6. Pick one of your 3 words…and expand on that selection. What does that word mean to you and your vision for 2012?
Control it means that I am going to own more of what I am doing in my own care when it comes to getting my numbers into range. I have been slacking in my own care and in some denial over it as well. I need to stop and be real and start controlling things better for my own life and health (no matter the financial cost now if I don’t it will cost much more later on in life), which is easer said then dun. However, I am going to try my best to keep things flowing in the right direction and to keep myself towing the line that I need to tow.



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