#dsma Chat n Reply – W28

>Diabetes: Fill-in-the blanks

S1. I have lived with diabetes for 8 years. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

S2. Through diabetes I have learned that just because you are diabetic that people tend to assume that you brought it on yourself, vs it being something out of your hands that you had no control over developing.

S3. The easiest part of diabetes is just living with it in general. The hardest part of diabetes is the outside world and how being diabetic is preseved.

S4. Diabetes makes me feel annoyed and living with it makes me feel annoyed.

S5. Diabetes technology has allowed me to live a better life then my mom. Without Diabetes Technology I wouldn’t be able to do most of things that I’ve been able to do.

S6.5 The most disappointing thing I couldn’t do because of diabetes is eat as I please without paying the price.

S7: Diabetes has shown me that I just because I have restrictions to what I can eat, doesn’t mean that I can’t at least have something in small amounts.

S8. What I want the world to know about my life with diabetes is that I can no different then anyone else, it just means I have to take a little extra care at times.

S9. My life without the Diabetes Online Community I would be the same as it has been, since I’ve not been active within the online or offline community much to start with.

S10. When a cure is found, I want to be able to be cured and get back that part of my life which I’ve had to be oh so careful about.



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