#dsma Chat n Reply – W12

Topics: Diabetes and Nutrition

Q1. What are the 3 things you wished your CDE, dietician or nutritionist told you about diabetes and food?
I can’t say since I grew up with someone who was Diabetic I never had anyone other then my mom for learning what to eat with being a Diabetic, endo didn’t think I needed any program or the like since I’d been living as a diabetic long before I became one.

Q2. Where do you get information on diabetes/nutrition? What’s missing?
I get the info from life, trial and error, plus reading the information from the CDA on treatments and nutrition in general

Q3. Should there be a law that requires all restaurants to carry nutritional information-including carbs counts? Why?
Well I know that there is someone on the books here in Ontario about having nutritional info on hand for anyone who asks for it – but yes a federal ruling of the matter would be welcomed.

Q3.5. What is your definition of a diabetes friendly restaurant?
One that gives you the carb load plus protein load so you can make the best possible selection

Q4. How do you choose food for bg control and overall health?
I try to make the pairing of carbs and protein as close to even as possible to keep the levels within range – so far so good on that.



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