BG levels not what they should be…

I’ve been running high ever since I got down to there US … and I have NOT been able to get my levels down to where I am use to having them back home in Canada … and it is scaring me to no end (plus Norman is having issues with it, he doesn’t wont me hurt and it hurts him to know that my levels are not being kept under control as they where back home).

I’m running in the early teens every morning (only had a couple days here and there where i was within range). I fear that this uncontroled section of my life for the months I am down here will do perm damage to my body that when I see my endro when I get back he is going to go bolitic on me (k maybe not, but at least give me the lecture on keeping them undercontrol – which i have freaking well been trying to do!!!).

I really think the different in pressure has a lot to do with it. I don’t think its healthy for me to live here on a perm basis and even temp is roving to be an issue.

The things we do for love.



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