Still Moving In

Greetings and welcome to the new home of my blog … I am still in the process of transferring all my files over to this site, so please come back shortly to see what has been updated/added.

Update – June 5th 2010
Well its still progressing, still got more post to move over here .. but a good number of them have been moved (moving my monthly twitter posts over took most of yesterday to do alone).

UPDATE – May 20th 2010
Well got more posts moved over from my original blog, and I know I could have moved everything over from that blog in one go, but I wonted to rework the blog from the ground up, and transferring it as a whole wouldn’t have allowed me to do that (K it would but it would have taken more reworking then its taken already to do it so I think I did the best choice for what it is I’m aiming for).



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