Site Update and Undertakings

Well its been a while since I went though the site and took out out dated links and what not, so that is what I have started to do, which means many of the new articles I one linked to now are not linked (ya I know should have just re-linked them to the papers main page – anyone for a ::face palm::, going to try to remember to do that for all future new articles that I come across).

I’ve also been going though all my twitter postings and adding Tags to them, I really didn’t realize how long I’ve been twittering for and just how many pages that would take up! So its going to take a while to update all those pages with the correct tags.

I’m also working on revamping it the site self with a new look. Its just a matter of finding the right look that I like enough to stick with (I know what I wont for the look, its just a matter of working it to my specks and making sure the design works with the current plug-ins and widgets).

Well take care everyone!



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