Playing Software Inc.

Well I got the game almost a month ago when it went on sale and well so far have put in over 100 hours’ worth of gameplay into it, yet virtually every single game I haven’t been able to make last more than a few days of playing why? Simple I haven’t been able to not go bankrupt in 99% of the games that I’ve tried to play thus far.

There is only one gameplay so far that is still viable and hasn’t gone under, but it is slow going and it is itself looking like it will end up going the same way as it’s currently in the negatives so you so far despite watching many hours of others playing the game they make it seem so blasted easy yet I am finding it anything but the case – which either means I am not good at the game or I’m missing something in how I am playing it (which wouldn’t surprise me) but I am still enjoying the game so that is alright with me.

Well, I’m going to get back to playing another round and see what happens this time through post more as time does allow.



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