Pet Memorial Day

To all who have lost a beloved companion on this day, take the time to remember them and the joy that they brought to your life, may they always be remembered and honours for their time here with us.

I love and miss you Bliss you where my first companion and you will forever be in my heart.

I love and miss you Griff, you brought light into my life when I was feeling sad and you helped me in so many ways that I can’t behind to express them. I miss you and hope that you are enjoying the fields and being able to play and have fun.

Oz you might not have been my pup, but I came to love you and you are still missed by the two of us I hope that you are enjoying your life with those who have gone before you and that you finally meet back up with Shadow, who i was never able to meet.

RIP to all the Companions who are no longer with us.



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